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Bachelor of Science degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences with a concentration in individual behavior and a minor in Sociology; Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling

Im not here to pass judgment or rob your pockets. Taking the first step to get help and/or support can be uncomfortable and scary, Im here to ease the discomfort and help end the stigma of therapy

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Summer 2020 I participated in the largest Yoga Teacher Training, focused on diminishing the white space that has infiltrated yoga. My yoga teachings consisted of the history, ancient philosophy, and anatomy safety. My 200hr yoga certification is from YogaWithDavina (pictured).

Yoga is not about being flexible or able to do inversions. It's more of a moving meditation, a time for yourself to get to know your mind & body. The flexibility and strength will come in time. The practice of Yoga can even be done off the mat.

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