Sweetheart Healing

FAQ's & Info

An ongoing series of informational entries


Therapy you provide is called? How does is work? Do you follow a therapy plan with predetermined steps?

-Eclectic yet Humanistic is a simple way to explain it. I choose what therapy would work best for the situation for each individual. If I choose to use a therapy plan with predetermined steps, I will explain each step in the beginning. 

What if I feel its not working?

-Counseling is a process, and it may not seem to be working instantly. It is ok to feel that way at first, I tell most clients to give it 2 or 3 sessions to see something.

Do you prescribe medications?


Do you work with a psychiatric nurse/doctor?

-Preferred referral site in downtown Phoenix, who also does Telehealth

Whats your knowledge base on psych meds, natural supplements/herbal alternatives/OTC

-Above average. I understand that psychiatric medication is common therefore I want to understand what is or could be going on with my client when actively taking a medication. Herbal alternatives are more commonly asked for initially in my experience, so I make sure to know of some options. 

Do you do groups?

-Not as of yet.

How long are sessions?

-Approximately an hour

Lost the link to the Client Portal?

-Use button at the bottom of the page

*Insurance match requires proof of copay amount

*Veterans receive free sessions with veteran ID card copy OR DD214


How are appointments scheduled?

-Initial appointments need to be scheduled with the booking link. Afterwards, you can pay by through the booking link or the quick pay at the bottom on the website and put your preferred appointment time in the notes.

Late fee?

-You will need to reschedule if you will be 10+ min late. No call no show is a $20 fee to be paid by next session. You can do a quickpay on the site or an invoice will be sent to you when the next session is booked.

Back up session system?

-Nothing is 100% especially when it comes to technology working how we want/need all the time. There have been some glitches in the session system used, which is expected, but not ideal. 

Zoom ID: 441 215 5198 is the back up to the session system.


How long are sessions?

-Approximately 45min

What is needed?

-You are open to use any tool to help with comfort during session; Blanket, bolster, Strap, Blocks/canes, chair, etc