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Mental Health Matters

In the last few years there has been a change in how people receive help with their mental health. There is a change from the medications taken to the type of support. Coaching is now a big thing and overshadows counseling in a lot of peoples opinions. Between the two, Counseling is the only one with a governing body and required to have a license. The differences are never really mentioned but are one in the same, it only depends on which part of life you're are focusing on. 

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I use my school education to diagnose and use interventions specific to the diagnosis. Life experience allows me to understand and help the best I can. Textbooks dont cover it all. There is no cookie cutter approach to therapy, I tailor the therapy to each individuals needs at the time. Therapy is what you make of it. What you put in determines what you get out of it. Being resistant to the therapeutic process is counterproductive to the action of you seeking therapy. Working with past traumas can be uncomfortable but is a necessary evil. 

Im not here to pass judgment or rob your pockets. Taking the first step to get help and/or support can be uncomfortable and scary, Im here to ease the discomfort and help end the stigma of therapy.

I dont accept insurance since accepting it brings restrictions.


In 2022 I decided to get a certification of some kind for coaching. Although it isn’t really required it seemed like a nice idea.

The main different between Counseling & Coaching is that Coaching focuses on the present actions to reach the future goal. While Counseling incorporates working on traumas. Once I noticed the connection and similarities of Coaching to Counseling, I realized I incorporate a little of this in my counseling sessions.

Working on ways to improve skills & abilities to solve issues that arise when trying to reach a goal is what all session time is focused on. Counseling the focus is traumas and negative feelings.

Even though I dont accept insurance, Coaching is not covered by insurance companies at this point, nor show signs of that happening.