Sweetheart Healing

Unlearning is Learning


What I Do

The healing process is different for everyone. Im here to help!

Using education & personal experience as a foundation to guide you in your healing, I'm confident in my ability to help. Im big on communication and transparency. Whether it be yoga or counseling, healing can make you feel vulnerable in the moment. Im here to walk beside you in this journey, and I invite you to ask me questions to feel comfortable with me. I encourage you to be open, honest and transparent as I will be with you. 

I will openly tell you when I don't know or don't understand something. I want to be on the same page as you to help the best I can. If I feel we don't fit I will bring it to your attention for us to rectify in someway. If YOU don't feel we fit, please let me know so I can help you find a better match. The better the fit the better the outcome. Don't let a mismatch end your journey to a better you. 

Healing can be complicated, and even confusing. Learning to unlearn negative thinking and bad habits can be hard without proper support. Support increases the possibility of the positive changes that stay with you. A support system doesn't have to be big, all it takes is just one person to walk with you through the journey, I'm here to be that support. 

This is YOUR journey YOUR health. Im just a guide. 

Price & Fee Information

To keep appointments, ser​vices must be paid for and paperwork signed. 

Personal yoga groups must be a minimum of 3 people.

First therapy sessions are an extra $15.

All Veterans are Free 

Yoga sessions are on weekends    Therapy is done on weekdays

20 minute consultation


No Call No ​Show


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* I do NOT accept insurance at this time, but WILL match copay.

Individual Therapy


Couples Therapy